SPM - Autumn Home Maintenance Tips 2018

Autumn brings a lot more than the changing colours of the leaves. Here are some tips you should consider for autumn home maintenance.

Exterior Maintenance

  • Make sure to clear eavestroughs and downspouts. Make sure all drainage areas are unblocked by leaves and debris.
  • Check for drafts and leaks: Inspect all the trim around windows and doors. Use caulk to fill the spaces. If you are not able to do so, hire a professional to complete this task. This will ensure minimal heat loss during cooler temperatures and maintain humidity levels in your home.
  • Shut down and drain exterior water valves: To prevent exterior water pipes from bursting when the weather gets below freezing, turn off the valves to the exterior hoses and fixtures. Run the water until the pipes are empty. Make sure all the water is drained from the pipes, if not; the water can freeze and damage the pipes.
  • Inspect your roof: Examine your roof for wear and tear. If the shingles are curling, buckling or crackling, have them replaced. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be best to replace all the shingles. Also, check the flashing along valleys, around skylights, pipes and chimneys. If you have any leaks or gaps, heavy snow and ice will find its way in.

See how SPM safely and accurately inspects roofs.

Check for Pests

  • Pests love attics because they are full of nice warm insulation for nesting, and they offer easy access to the rest of the house. If possible, hire a professional to install screens or guards within all exterior vents to prevent an entry point for pests.

System Maintenance

  • Clean and/or replace furnace filters.
  • Have your Hot Water Tank Inspected: At one point or another, we’ve all experienced a cold shower – this is not something most people are thrilled with first thing in the morning. When the weather outside is below 0°, the last thing you want is to have no hot water.
  • Cover your air conditioning unit: to prolong the life and capacity of your air conditioning unit, it is important to wrap and cover it to prevent the elements from causing damage. Once winter is over and temperatures start to climb, you don’t want to find out your air conditioner has taken damage.

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J. Vongril
Property Owner

Yard and Garden Maintenance

  • Clean yard equipment and tools. This will help prolong the life of potentially expensive lawn equipment.
  • Clean and cover outdoor play equipment. Most play equipment and toys gather debris and hold water. This attracts insects and other pests leaving a place for winter sleeping. Be sure to clean and cover these items to prolong the life and usability of the equipment for when spring comes around the corner.
  • Remove any annuals that will not make it through the winter season.
  • Rake and clear leaves from lawns to precent damage and disease to the grass.

Safety Checks

  • Check carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms and replace batteries. In most cases, homeowners are oblivious to the expiry date of these devices. You would not want to be awakened at 3:00 AM on January 1 by a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Check fireplaces. Whether you have a gas or wood burning fireplace, it is important to have it tested and inspected.

From all of us at SPM, we hope your summer closeout brings the start of a wonderful and cozy autumn.

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