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We all know that water is essential to life. But did you know that saving water can save you money? That’s right—by conserving and using water wisely, you can save on your monthly utility bills and even earn rebates from your water utility provider. Let’s explore why saving water helps save money. 

Reducing Your Utility Bill By Conserving Water

One of the easiest ways to save money on your utility bills is by reducing your use of water. This can be done in several ways, such as turning off the tap when brushing teeth or taking shorter showers. It may not seem like much, but little changes over time can make a big difference. In addition to reducing your monthly bill, some water companies offer rebates for customers who reduce their use. So be sure to ask around and see if you are eligible for any savings!

Investing in Long-Term Solutions

In addition to making small changes in how you use water, there are also long-term solutions that will help you save money. Installing low-flow appliances such as toilets and shower-heads will reduce the amount of water used each month without compromising on performance. You can also look into installing a rainwater harvesting system or a grey-water system which stores excess rainwater for future use. Both of these solutions require an initial investment but they will pay off in the long run by significantly reducing your monthly utility bill.

Making Smart Decisions Around Water Use

Finally, it’s important to be mindful about how much water you use each day. This means only running full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher, avoiding “power washing” sidewalks and driveways (which wastes hundreds of gallons of water), and waterproofing outdoor areas with plants that don’t need much watering (like succulents). All these little decisions add up over time and can help conserve precious resources while also trimming down your utilities costs.


Saving water is one of the best ways to save money on utilities each month—and it doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort or convenience either! From simply turning off the tap when brushing teeth to investing in long-term solutions like rainwater harvesting systems or grey-water management systems, there are plenty of ways property owners can reduce their utility bills with minimal effort or cost involved. Start now and watch those savings add up!

How can SPM help?

At Spearhead Property Management Ltd., our team of managers schedule routine inspections for both individual units and utility rooms. We work along side plumbers and utility specialists to ensure systems are up-to-date and efficient. We also look for potential risks and plan for replacement projects. Our managers are trained to specifically inspect and monitor your building systems and to document all findings. All reporting and communication is stored on-site and online for multiple points of access. Create an RFP today and let us help you save money, one drip at a time. (We apologize for the cheesy joke.)

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