Our Process

Following a strict methodology for communication and discovery processes, we are able to identify the needs of clients and build proper multi-year solutions.

The Call
Discovery Period
Walking Tour
The Proposal
On-Going Client Care
When someone takes the time to contact us, we make sure to listen. The first call from a potential client is the opportunity to actively listen to their needs and gather as much critical information as possible. This will be used to build a more detailed custom proposal at a later date.
The discovery period is crucial for building a proposal and caring relationship with our clients. We begin with a physical property inspection. Our team meets on site and goes over all the components of the building(s), infrastructure elements, condition of the grounds, equipment and systems. This process also includes the use of a drone to photograph and film all roof areas. If financial statements are available, our team will use the information to better build a proposal.
This is the time for potential clients to accompany us on a property tour where we itemize and showcase the discovery period findings. It is imperative for property owners and directors to view their assets from our point of view. This is also an opportunity for historical and personal issues to come to light.
With all the information gathered from the above steps, our team can build a property specific proposal. Multiple options based on different budget strategies, project planning and future initiatives are outlined under 3, 5 and 7 year plans. Using this method will give property owners and directors the ability to make sound decisions for their members and tenants.
With the proposal approved, our team wastes no time in implementing the particulars. We work with all current stakeholders and contractors to setup and manage communication and operational protocols. From here, our clients can expect to receive routine and real-time updates pertaining to all aspects of their property. We take special attention to integrate and train all stakeholders into our Client Care Portal where all communication, property files and project information is stored.
With all protocols and strategies implemented, we use our very own proprietary Client Care Portal as a hub for all communications, document archiving, stakeholder requests, project files and tasks, expense approvals and event tracking. Clients can enjoy 24/7 access to all their property documents and manager via the CCP.

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If you have been thinking about the future of your property and would like to discuss the potential, let us prepare a proposal for you. Following the basic steps listed, we will walk you through the process and build a custom plan. It will address all the elements and aspects of your property and take into consideration your goals.

We have the experience and proven track record of controlling expenses, maximizing profits and building relationships with tenants and residents. Let us show you what we can do.

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