Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

1 John 3:18

In-House Initiatives

Here are some of the initiatives in which we are personally involved. Our team is dedicated to these ministries and we hope to grow this list as we move along.

Homeless Supply Bags

Meeting people where they are.

SPM is working with local Christian groups, organizations and ministries in Toronto and the surrounding areas to help bring basic supplies to the homeless and people in need.

One of our initiatives has been to prepare supply bags that are handed out to homeless members of our communities. Our team members carry the bags and personally distribute them to the people they meet.

During this time we talk and pray for those individuals so that they know they have not been forgotten. We also offer assistance to bring these people to shelters and other centres where they can receive further help.

Conversational ESL

New to Canada? Need to improve your English speaking?

We can help. If you’re interested in practicing your English speaking skills, come join us as we walk through and study the Bible. Sessions are focused on reading and discussing portions of Scripture where participants can share their perspective and learn more about their faith. Lessons offer word descriptions and definitions, deeper investigation of key terms and concepts PLUS free coffee and treats.

Session Info

We have various formats available from home groups, virtual meetings and over the phone. Let us know what works for you.

Contact us for more details.

Our Friends

While we are not corporately affiliated with these organizations, we definitely support their initiatives and assist in any way that we can.

These ministries are dedicated to making a direct impact on the lives of the people in the communities they serve. We hope to bring more awareness to their missions.

Adam House Logo

A home, support and advocacy for refugees.


Adam House provides refugee claimants with clean and safe living accommodations. The staff at Adam House provide assistance and advice with immigration procedures, primarily to our residents and former residents. We provide referrals to legal services, medical assistance, and community resources. However, Adam House is much more than shelter or the services we provide. Adam House is home. A place where residents find friendship and support-from our staff and each other. Adam House is also a place where refugee claimants can find hope for their future, as we pray with them through their difficulties, and celebrate their successes. We encourage our clients to contact us for continued support, even after they find permanent homes and move into the community.

Ben Schroeder - Profile Image

About Ben

Ben Schroeder is an SIM missionary who is working among the Fulani people of Nigeria in discipleship, literacy, and evangelism. Originally going to Nigeria to help start a trade school to empower youth in the community, Ben began to see the many needs of the Fulani people. Outsiders, on the fringes, and even hated, the Fulani are one of the largest nomadic people groups in the world who have yet to be penetrated with the Gospel. Burdened by both the physical and spiritual need of the Fulani people, Ben seeks to be used by God as a vessel to spread hope among these people.

About Lorissa

“GEM exists to plant the gospel in the hearts of children and their families, all over the world, through quality education.”GEM website

Global Education Ministries (GEM) uses education as a tool to share the gospel. We plant Gospel-Saturated schools that are affordable and accessible to all in the community. Our mission is for children and their families to hear and witness the gospel daily through classroom instruction, discipline, gospel-motivated relationships and a gospel example so that many more may come to know and accept Christ as their Saviour.

In 2021-2023, Lorissa will be teaching music & choir for Grades 1-6 at the GEM school, Manantial, in the small town of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. She is very excited to share the hope, truth and joy of the gospel through song as she teaches children about music, how to sing, and about the Glory of our God reflected in all things.

Join Lorissa in this ministry to help more children and families come to trust Jesus as their Saviour and Lord. Click the button below and you will be directed to the donation site. When there, in the form, click “referred by Lorissa” to support her directly.

Mission Thrift Store - Logo

Save more than money!

Mission Thrift Store is a volunteer-driven, non-denominational Christian organization that currently operates more than 50 thrift stores across Canada.

We provide used goods in a department store-like experience for value-conscious shoppers, who can find deals they can feel good about. Our stores convert donated goods into cash, and the net revenue is devoted to the joint ministry of BFM Foundation (Canada) and Bible League Canada to support leadership and literacy programs in over 43 countries — giving people access to the life-giving, life-changing, Word of God.

Staff and volunteers believe there is a deeper purpose to everything in life, including shopping. Our mission is to save you money, save the planet and tell the world about the saving work of Christ.


To make the living, life-giving, life-changing Word of God accessible to people everywhere.


We see…

  • A cleaner, greener planet and the lives of our donors free of clutter.
  • The adventure of shopping at a thrift store being enjoyed by everyone.
  • Active volunteers contributing to their communities and a world-changing cause with increased sense of purpose.
  • Investors realizing real business results with an investment they can feel good about.
  • Literacy on the rise and with it the most amazing story — the story of God’s Love for mankind — changing hearts around the world.

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