Recent reports have shown that there is a severe backlog of cases at the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) in Ontario. This is due to an insufficient number of adjudicators and an inability to keep up with the influx of applications. This issue has caused much frustration to landlords in the province who are unable to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. 

Timing Issues 

The timing issues associated with the LTB can be quite frustrating for landlords. There is often a long wait for hearings, which can last several months or more. This can be especially difficult if you are dealing with a tenant who is not paying rent, as it limits your ability to take action against them quickly. Additionally, this situation can also lead to a decline in rental income, as tenants may be more reluctant to sign leases if they know that it could take months before any legal action can be taken against them. 

Shortage of Adjudicators 

The shortage of adjudicators is another major problem facing the LTB in Ontario. Currently there are only 20 full-time adjudicators on staff, despite the fact that they receive over 10,000 applications per year. This means that each adjudicator has hundreds of cases on their plate, making it nearly impossible for them to keep up with demand. As a result, many hearings have been postponed or cancelled due to lack of available resources. 


The shortage of adjudicators and long wait times at the Landlord and Tenant Board in Ontario have created numerous challenges for landlords throughout the province. While there have been some efforts made by the government to address these issues, such as increasing funding for additional staff, more needs to be done to ensure that landlords are able to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently. Until then, landlords must remain patient while waiting for their cases to be heard by the LTB and continue advocating for improved services from their provincial government representatives.

How can SPM help?

At Spearhead Property Management Ltd., our team of managers work with both landlord and tenant to resolve issues before LTB hearings are made. We create safe and clear communication lines between all parties and ensure all aspects of the matter are heard. We also work with various local resources and agencies to help tenants with rent relief and financial support. For landlords, where complaints for maintenance related items are raised by tenants, we work to create clear and accurate budgets and work plans to meet those needs. All our efforts are toward an agreement that both parties can agree to and resolve the matter.

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