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SPM has been working with local groups, organizations and ministries in Toronto and the surrounding areas to help bring basic supplies to the homeless and people in need. One of our initiatives has been to prepare supply backpacks that are handed out to homeless members of our communities. Our team carry the backpacks and personally distribute them to the people they meet on the streets. During this time we talk and pray for those individuals so that they know they have not been forgotten. We also offer assistance to bring them to shelters and other centres where they can receive further help.

Each backpack contains the following:

  • Gospel of John (1)
  • bandaids (5 to 10 various sizes)
  • deodorant (1)
  • emergency mylar thermal blanket (1)
  • thermal socks (1 pair)
  • toothbrush (1)
  • toothpaste (1)
  • plastic bag (1)
  • protein bars (3)
  • undergarments (1)
  • waterproof drawstring backpack (1)
  • wet cleaning wipes (package)
  • ziplock bags (3 large)

The pricing for each backpack includes the cost of the listed contents and payment processing fees only. All the proceeds go directly toward the initiative. Pricing changes periodically as we receive and gather various items from different sources. We are working to procure a steady source for most of the items listed.

Lastly, though the brands may change, the contents will remain the same. This list has been created in collaboration with people that have been homeless themselves and various shelter organizations.

We hope this ministry opens and warms your heart to participate by sponsoring a backpack for someone today.

Thank you for your support.


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