Spearhead Property Management - The Importance of Property Inspections

What is a Property Inspection?

A property inspection is a detailed and systematic visual inspection of the property, its structures, design and fixtures that will provide a transparent understanding of the property’s ‘vital signs’ and condition as observed on inspection date.

The client (of a professional property inspection company) receives a report outlining in detail a visual “Blue Print” of the property with specific attention paid to areas of concern.

Why do you need Property Inspections?

Property inspections ensure all up-to-date knowledge of the condition of building components and systems. This information helps property managers assess life expectancy and items that need to be addressed. When issues are found early, the potential for saving money on costly repairs is minimized. This is a proactive approach to property management and is one of the most important functions of any property manager.

SPM conducts property inspections on a monthly basis in addition to less in-depth inspections once per week. Each site has a custom checklist that our mangers must adhere to every time an inspection is conducted. Certain components such as sprinkler system valves and pumps, among others, are checked on a weekly basis and the findings are logged for audit purposes.

The staff at Spearhead has been very helpful and thorough in the managing my property. I like the online access I have to all my records and documents. I can see all the invoices, statements, and memos all in one place. Much better service than I have had in the past. I have recommended Spearhead Property management to all my contacts. Thank you for your services.

David G.
Property Owner

Special inspections and tests, such as fire safety, sprinkler systems, catch basins and backflow systems, roofs and HVAC, are inspected by licensed third-party contractors on an annual basis with reports and certificates issued.

Property inspections are the active frontline for defending against otherwise unknown issues and prolonged costly repairs while proactively attacking issues as they found. Being proactive in this manner is overwhelmingly beneficial to the upkeep and good working order of building components and systems of any property. It is important to establish in-depth checklists and routine inspection schedules. SPM works with clients, tenants and third-party contractors to institutionalize this processes and reporting. Again, all these reports are filed in our Client Care Portal and in hard copy.

See how SPM safely and accurately inspects roofs.

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